The decentralized ecosystem
for content distribution

The global cache network
that anyone can join

The Cachecash protocol merges the resources of a global network of caches to provide a truly global, reliable and adaptable edge network for data transfer. By empowering an open ecosystem that is easy for anyone can join, our network can include the coffee shop next door, your ISP, or you.

Trustless network design

Centralized cache operators provide a useful function by coordinating transactions and maintaining infrastructure. But they also capture value, limit the diversity of caches, and lock users into a closed platform. We’ve developed an open protocol to ensure that data is transferred and parties are properly compensated. We’ve also designed a payment system that meets the needs of this design by enabling small transactions and deterring cheating.

Transact without trust

Conventional CDN infrastructure requires trust between publishers and caches to ensure that content is served and providers are paid. Our novel design uses an efficient offchain verification mechanism, detailed in our peer-reviewed research, which verifies data transfer, prevents double spending, and deters collusion between caches and clients.

Byte-sized payments

Payments in small increments allows for maximum scalability. We’ve developed a novel form of probabilistic lottery tickets for payments, which requires minimal on-chain activity but ensures that participants receive an expected amount of payment.

Fast and decentralized

Our protocol is designed to meet the performance requirements of CDN customers while also providing strong security guarantees. Our reference libraries take advantage of our network design and use client-side optimization to parallelize data transfer and intelligently route traffic.

  • Peak at the right time

    Handles peak demands without requiring publishers to overprovision to meet their bandwidth needs.

  • Live on the edge

    Our network design can offer broader network coverage and can reach underserved areas, closer to the edge.

  • Come and go as you please

    Highly flexible service with no long term commitments. Publishers can provision caches when they need to, and don't need to pay for unused capacity.


Our protocol was designed with security in mind, enabling participants to work together without unduly trusting each other. Our team of security researchers has built widely used security systems in the areas of software updates, git commit signing, and supply chain security, and we bring that security-first perspective to Cachecash. We have invented an award-winning threat modeling technique and combined this with game theoretic, economic, and cryptographic analyses to provide a solid security foundation for the protocol.