Cachecash is driven by our belief in open and equitable protocols for the Internet

Building the future of content delivery

Cachecash is an ecosystem for equitable content delivery. We are creating a protocol to incentivize the creation of a massive, global marketplace for bandwidth.


We are creating an open protocol, not a platform. We are facilitating a community where anyone can build a custom-tailored implementation of the protocol, and benefit economically from it.

Equitable content delivery

We allow anyone to access a global network of high speed caches, without contracts or backroom deals. Any participant, from ISPs to home users, can run a cache, with the underlying protocol handling negotiations, security and trust concerns.


The distributed nature of our network design allows publishers to access geographical areas that are underserved by traditional CDNs and eliminates the centralized gatekeeper function of CDNs, where 75% of the market is controlled by 5 closed networks.

Our Team

We have assembled a world-class team of researchers and engineers with expertise in CDNs, distributed systems, network protocol development, security, and cryptocurrencies. It includes veterans of Amazon, Twitch, and Facebook, active participants in the Linux Foundation, Python, ArchLinux, Tor, and Debian, the inventor of the Kademlia distributed hash table, the designer of git's signing model, and the creator of the secure software distribution and update technology underlying many automobiles, most Linux servers, and most major providers in the cloud.

Kevin Kelley

CEO, Co-founder

Justin Cappos

Head of Research and Co-founder

Scott Bulua

Head of Business Strategy and Development, Founding Team

Ghada Almashaqbeh

Research Scientist

Our Investors