The Open Ecosystem for
Content Delivery

The global cache network
that anyone can join

Content delivery should work like a power grid, allowing anyone to buy or sell bandwidth exactly when it's needed.

We’re committed to designing an open protocol that supports the needs of the next generation of internet infrastructure. Our ecosystem will provide the tools to move away from centralized providers and utilize adaptive, configurable services with global scale.

Decentralized Data

We are building a new content delivery layer for the Internet. By removing the central gatekeeper, we provide equitable content delivery that doesn't discriminate based on a publisher’s volume, or a client’s ISP or location.

Design your own
delivery network

Our protocol design allows developers to achieve a level of customization that hasn't been possible without large investments in custom CDNs, with full control over traffic management and routing to caches that meet location, performance, or cost requirements.

Incentives for participation and fairness

The Cachecash ecosystem design relies on a comprehensive system of economic incentives and cryptographic guarantees to structure behavior, promote network growth and deter cheating, including a mechanism to compensate developers and other contributors for the value they create.

Open protocol and
Open source

We think the future of the Internet should be determined by a diverse and self-governing community, borrowing the best ideas from open source foundations. We are creating a community-run foundation, built on proven human-driven consensus and collaboration, to oversee protocol development.