Challenging mainstream and conformist thinking is the essence of my methodology Through our different places we wish to recreate an authentic environment rich in history and heritage, while serving authentic dishes
Egypt started to fight for its independence with the rise of Muhammad Ali Pasha and was granted an autonomous status -Khedivate, in 1867 As we offer a different vision and an atmosphere that revives ancient stories and legends, our goal is to contribute in restoring the global image and reputation of the Egyptian terroir through the rediscovery of its true nature and taste

منيو صاج و شاورما، المنيل، القاهرة، مصر

Food also holds strong symbolic meanings that are often overlooked.

Shajarat Aldurr
The Mamluk era is considered the apogee of the Islamic Golden Age -in Egypt and the Levant, as art, culture and science where flourishing
مطعم شجرة الدر الخبر منيو
However, the history of food and agriculture goes further
منيو صاج و شاورما، المنيل، القاهرة، مصر
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Al-Maqrizi and Abu Al-Fida, however, mentioned that some believed she was of origin Al-Maqrizi, Ibn Taghri and Abu Al-Fida regarded Shajar al-Durr as Turkic
com Our first goal is to provide high quality egyptian food as you have never eaten before Bread making for instance has now been evolving for almost six thousand years

منيو شجرة الدر

Food is deeper than the fact of eating; it is a science where history and anthropology intertwine.

مطعم شجرة الدر الخبر منيو
Discover our blog Underneath each dish there is a story, a legend, a symbol worth remembering and valuing
شجرة الدر مطعم
Moreover, the system of operation being efficient and competent, opens this new project to a global spread
شجر الدر
Paraphrasing the scientist Marie Curie, one should always persevere seeking improvement