Taylor, Sylvester; Chappelow, Craig Second ed , 1962- 12 April 2016
Leveraging the impact of 360-degree feedback "Caution Required: Multirater Feedback in the Army"

استراتيجيات تقديم التغذية الراجعة في العملية التعليمية

, 1962- 12 April 2016.

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"Speaking Out: The State Department Needs to Reevaluate Its Use of 360-Degree Reviews"
الفرق بين التغذية الراجعة والتعزيز
التغذية‌ ‌الراجعة‌ ‌ ‌
"Straight Talk about Multirater Feedback"
The relationship of multi-rater feedback to traditional performance appraisals EdD thesis "The Ratings Game: Retooling 360s for Better Performance"
"360 Degree Performance Effects on Employee Attitude, Professional Effectiveness and General Work Performance"

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