Mohsin : Owner of the throne, the Glorious Mohsin : And by the Promised Day i
the punishment of thy Lord is stern Mohsin : By the heaven, holding the big stars[] Mufti Taqi Usmani : I swear by the sky, the one having stellar formations, [QETafseerComment] Pickthal : By the heaven, holding mansions of the stars, Yusuf Ali : By the Sky displaying the Zodiacal Signs; Verse:002 Abdul Daryabadi : And by the Day promised, Dr

سورة البروج مكتوبة بالرسم العثماني

Mohsin : Of fire fed with fuel, Mufti Taqi Usmani : The people of the fire that was rich with fuel, Pickthal : Of the fuel-fed fire, Yusuf Ali : Fire supplied abundantly with Fuel: Verse:006 Abdul Daryabadi : When they sat by it Dr.

تفسير سورة البروج
Pickthal : Of Pharaoh and the tribe of Thamud? Yusuf Ali : Truly strong is the Grip and Power of thy Lord
قراءة سورة البروج مكتوبة كاملة بالتشكيل اختر الخط 日 2021 日
Yusuf Ali : Of Pharaoh and the Thamud? Mohsin : And by the witnessing day i
سورة الفجر مكتوبة كاملة بالتشكيل
the Day of Resurrection ; Mufti Taqi Usmani : And by the Promised Day, [QETafseerComment] Pickthal : And by the Promised Day
Verse:017 Abdul Daryabadi : Hath there come Unto thee the story of the hosts- Dr Mohsin : Verily, He it is Who begins punishment and repeats punishment in the Hereafter or originates the creation of everything, and then repeats it on the Day of Resurrection
Yusuf Ali : Him to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! Pickthal : And were themselves the witnesses of what they did to the believers Mohsin : Verily, O Muhammad SAW the Seizure Punishment of your Lord is severe and painful

سورة البروج مكتوبة كاملة بالشكل

Yusuf Ali : Nay this is a Glorious Qur'an, Verse:022 Abdul Daryabadi : Inscribed in a tablet preserved.

and Allah is Witness to all things
سورة البروج مكتوبة بالرسم العثماني
Yusuf Ali : Inscribed in a Tablet Preserved! Mufti Taqi Usmani : Allah has encompassed them from all sides
تفسير سورة البروج
Mohsin : To Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! Verse:008 Abdul Daryabadi : And they persecuted them for naught save that they believed in Allah, the Mighty, the Praiseworthy Dr