" He added: "I never thought I would find the diminutive but perfectly formed Radcliffe a sinister figure, but as Alan Strang The film was released on 3 February 2012 in the United States and Canada, and was released on 10 February in the UK
Radcliffe's performance was acclaimed, as critics were impressed by the nuance and depth of his role Chen, Joyce 1 February 2012

دانيال رادكليف يخرج من عباءة هاري بوتر الى المثلية الجنسية

Radcliffe starred in the action adventure film 2016 alongside , , and.

بعيدًا عن هاري بوتر الشهير .. أفلام دانيال رادكليف التي تستحق المشاهدة
The future of the franchise was put into question when Radcliffe, Watson, and co-star hesitated to sign on to continue their roles
قائمة أعمال دانيال رادكليف
Nichols, Michelle 5 September 2007
كتاب الأول الذي يجب قراءته بالكامل: دانيال رادكليف ، ديفيد بيكهام ، داكوتا فانينغ والمزيد
Radcliffe was considered to be the richest teenager in England later that year
In 2017, he starred as Yossi Ghinsberg in the thriller , which was based on an internationally best-selling memoir of the same name by His father is a literary agent, and his mother is a casting agent who has been involved in several films for the BBC, including and Walk Away and I Stumble
from the original on 23 March 2011 Radcliffe starred as Igor in a science fiction horror film 2015 , directed by and written by

دانيال رادكليف حقّق الملايين بدوره في هاري بوتر.. وعانى من الإضطراب العصبي وأدمن على الكحول

Spencer, Charles 28 February 2007.

دانيال رادكليف يخرج من عباءة هاري بوتر الى المثلية الجنسية
Born and raised in , Radcliffe made his acting debut at age ten in the television film 1999 , followed by his feature film debut in 2001
حقائق مثيرة لا تعرفونها عن هاري بوتر.. ومعلومات صادمة عن بطله دانيال رادكليف
Adler, Shawn 6 May 2008
Daniel Radcliffe
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