Oxygene or peroxide is used to lighten hair color and stabilize the hair dye Bring hair clips, cotton balls and a towel and after washing and drying the hair well, you can use the component to lighten the hair by taking a piece of cotton and spraying the solution over it and passing it on the hair strands from the roots to the ends, if you want to lighten only certain parts of the hair
; Dittrich, Gunther; Steiner, Norbert 2000 If you want to lighten the edges only, slide the edges toward the scalp and then stop at the distance you want to lighten

لون الشعر أشقر ذهبي فاتح — صبغ الشّعر في صالونات التّجميل أمر سهل

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كيفية مزج صبغات الشعر
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ماء الأكسجين و كيفية إستخدامه فى تفتيح لون الشعر مع نصائح هامة قبل إستعماله
See: Thomas Kingzett, Charles 29 September 1882
ماء الاكسجين هيدروجين بروكسيد للبشرة
The hair should be moist and clean from dirt, oil or any other component It may block the penetration of oxygen water into the hair
Applications of Hydrogen Peroxide and Derivatives But if you want to lighten the hair completely, spray the transformer over the parts of the hair that you split them evenly, and you can also use it to lighten the ends of the hair only
37 Full PDFs related to this paper Orndorff and John White 1893 American Chemical Journal, 15 : 347—356

ماء الاكسجين هيدروجين بروكسيد للبشرة و الشعر

See: Joseph William Mellor, A Comprehensive Treatise on Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry, vol.

بيروكسيد الهيدروجين
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اكسجين بروكسيد للشعر — ماء الاكسجين هيدروجين بروكسيد للشعر
Dye oxygen is divided into four types according to use
كيفية مزج صبغات الشعر
Royal Society of Chemistry, 1999