Xiaopeng Zhang, Guansheng Ma, Junshi Chen And Others 12-2007 , , The Journal of Nutrition, Issue 12, Folder 137, Page 2717-2722 It needs to be pruned regularly to control its size: the main leader may be cut at the top to create a wide-spreading specimen
In Arriyadh, it is not always successful, owing to low humidity, but in a sheltered environment, where other plants are irrigated, growth and foliage are much better Plants are susceptible to termite attack; leaves may be attacked by various insects and larvae

اللوز البجلي في مرتفعات غرب وجنوب غرب المملكة

catappa is a good species for park and garden shade, and makes a good windbreak.

اللوز: تعرف على هذا الكنز الطبيعي والصحي
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اضرار الاكثار من تناول اللوز
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Tolerant of periods of drought, it sheds leaves to withstand dry spells
catappa has a red, edible fruit, when fully ripe tasting like an almond Nakama And Others 5-11-2007 , , Phytomedicine, Issue 11, Folder 14, Page 755-762
An ornamental tree, it grows up to 20 metres in height, with a characteristic pagoda shape, symmetrical crown and horizontal branches Michelle Zitt, Cassie Rowe, Bobbi Henken, And Others 1-2016 , , Nutrition Research, Issue 1, Folder 36, Page 80-89


It prefers moist, well-drained, sandy and loamy soils, but is adapted to a wide range of substrates, including saline and alkaline sands over limestone.

ابرز فوائد اللوز البجلي
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ما هي فوائد اللوز
The tree is damaged by frost
جرير بن عبد الله البجلي
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