It's important to get tested because early diagnosis can lead to early treatment which can save your life If you, or your family, is from an area of the map that is darker blue, you might be at greater risk for hepatitis B infection and should talk to a doctor about getting tested
If you are pregnant and you know that you are infected, you can make sure that your baby gets the first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine within 12-24 hours after delivery! A simple blood test can tell a person if the hepatitis B virus is in their blood Young children are also at risk if they live in close daily contact with an infected family member

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Therefore, since the risk of newborns becoming chronically infected at birth is high, both the World Health Organization WHO and the U
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Most people who are infected with hepatitis B are unaware of their infection and can unknowingly pass the virus to others through their blood and infected bodily fluids
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An acute hepatitis B infection may last up to six months with or without symptoms and infected persons are able to pass the virus to others during this time
Infected pregnant women can pass the virus to their newborns during childbirth Most infected adults are able to get rid of the hepatitis B virus without any problems
Antivirals are not meant to be stopped and started, which is why a thorough evaluation by a knowledgeable doctor is so important before beginning treatment for chronic hepatitis B Talk to your health care provider about whether treatment for your chronic hepatitis B infection would be helpful in preventing serious liver disease or liver cancer

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The good news is that most people with chronic hepatitis B should expect to live a long and healthy life.

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The virus can quietly and continuously attack the liver over many years without being detected
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However, they have a greater chance than someone who is not infected
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The use of vitamins and liver health supplements will likely not assist your recovery and may actually cause more harm than good to the liver
These antivirals are taken as a pill once a day for at least 1 year, usually longer Hepatitis B can infect any person of any age or ethnicity, but people from parts of the world where hepatitis B is common, such as Asia, parts of Africa and South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, are at much higher risk for getting infected
Simple tips for taking care of your liver during an acute hepatitis B infection are to avoid alcohol, stop or limit smoking, eat healthy foods, avoid greasy or fatty foods, and talk to your health care provider about any medications you are taking prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins or herbal supplements to make sure they are safe for your liver The most commonly prescribed include interferon alfa-2b Intron A and pegylated interferon Pegasys

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Hepatitis B is also common among Americans who were born or whose parents were born in these regions
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For chronic hepatitis B, there are several treatments available