It's no wonder the Americans, like us, are worried about it Following the acquisition an antitrust complaint had been failed against Israel Hayom, which resulted in a court order that requested to transfer the maariv to
But assuring a Jewish majority by adopting laws and policies that are consistent with democratic governance is an altogether different matter

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But their progress has been significant.

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I will lead the revolution of information superiority and artificial intelligence in a way that will enable quality and rapid exploitation in favor of significant leaps in the IDF's operational effectiveness - exposing and destroying the enemy
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Amr stressed to both Palestinian and Israeli officials that he isn't going to press them or beg them to take steps and they will have to work it out themselves
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Even Russian diplomat Mikhail Ulyanov admitted, "Iran seems to be going too far
Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said Sunday: "Iran is the sugar daddy of Hamas
Abdullah Kmeil, the PA governor of the Salfit district, accused the singer of performing in front of "settlers," though the sources said "settlers did not attend the party More than half went to combat units

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A full 36 MKs were not present at the time of the vote: 8 from Yesh Atid, 7 from Likud, 5 from Jewish Home, 4 from Meretz, 3 from Shas, 2 each from UTJ, Balad and Hadash, and one each from Yisrael Beytenu, Labor and Hatnua
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The bill passed the first reading in the Knesset, but not subsequent ones