Professors of university level institutions shall be public functionaries These activities shall not be obstructed in any way
Athletics shall be under the protection and the ultimate supervision of the State Art and science, research and teaching shall be free and their development and promotion shall be an obligation of the State

إتفاق الطائف: عناوين الوحدة الوطنية والتحديث

4 — Carrying out reforms within the technical and public educational system in addition to reinforcing this sector and developing it with the aim of meeting the needs of development in the country as well as the reforms on the level of the Lebanese University and granting it the necessary support.

اتفاق الطائف
Professors of university level institutions shall not be dismissed prior to the lawful termination of their term of service, except in the cases of the substantive conditions provided by article 88 paragraph 4 and following a decision by a council constituted in its majority of highest judicial functionaries, as specified by law
اتفاق الطائف (1989)
Education constitutes a basic mission for the State and shall aim at the moral, intellectual, professional and physical training of Greeks, the development of national and religious consciousness and at their formation as free and responsible citizens
اتفاق الطائف والديمقراطيّة التوافقيّة اللبنانيّة: هل يصلحان نموذجاً لحل النزاع في سوريّة؟
AbuKhalil, Asad 29 May 2001
On the educational field the Taef Agreement underlines the following propositions: 1 — Providing education for all by making it compulsory at least in elementary school 2 — Asserting the freedom of education according to the law and public systems 3 — Protecting the private educational sector and consolidating the control of the state over private schools and school books This study involves 3 axes 1 — To what extent did the Document include new elements in comparison with the Lebanese constitution? 4 — To what degree were the provisions of these reforms implemented? Canadian Journal of Political Science
Academic freedom and freedom of teaching shall not exempt anyone from his duty of allegiance to the Constitution 2 Primary education is compulsory for all citizens of both sexes and is free of charge in State schools

اتفاق الطائف

Greece article 16 : 1.

اتفاق الطائف بعد 30 عامًا: نقطة تحول في مجرى الأحداث
Professional and any other form of special education shall be provided by the State, through schools of a higher level and for a time period not exceeding three years, as specifically provided by law which also defines the professional rights of the graduates of such schools
اتفاق الطائف والديمقراطيّة التوافقيّة اللبنانيّة: هل يصلحان نموذجاً لحل النزاع في سوريّة؟
The retirement age of professors of university level institutions shall be determined by law; until such law is issued, professors on active service shall retire ipso jure at the end of the academic year at which they have reached the age of sixty-seven
اتفاق الطائف (1989)
It extends Lebanese sovereignty and authority in South Lebanon, occupied by Israel