About Us Ayna started as a search engine in 1997, helping thousands of businesses in the Middle East and North Africa MENA region to market their service and products on the Internet Ayna includes a complete web and mobile ready specifically designed for business
Ayna is integrated with social media, email marketing, articles, deals and events


Search engine optimized, and your online property is accelerated and protected against web attacks with cloudflare.

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We offer and support levels to meet your needs
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All plans have all the tools you need to connect with your customers over web, mobile, social media and email
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Choose a plans to that meets your communication and marketing reach needs
Explore Features Everything a business needs to maintain presence and communicate with customers All support issues are tracked through a dedicated manned by professional and dedicated staff
Ayna's tools have changed with the times, but the commitment to excellence and focus on customer has not Ayna is based in Lebanon and serves United Arab Emirates and Levant small business owners

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