Like the Mi Watch, it's a better fit for shorter runs The Mi Watch Lite is seen to come in Pink, Ivory, Olive, Navy Blue, and Black strap options
The first visits to the menu of the Mi Watch Lite take a while, you have to find your way around, especially since not all icons speak for themselves The watch thus tips the scales at 35 g with and 21 g without the strap, which makes it very comfortable to wear despite its edgier design

Xiaomi Mi Watch v Mi Watch Lite: budget smartwatches compared

The and are both worthy alternatives and are officially available in the US.

Mi Watch Lite With Built
The Mi Watch uses a pin mechanism, while the Lite uses a button system that can feel a little fiddly to release those bands from its case body
Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite review: What can the affordable smartwatch do and what differentiates it from the more expensive Redmi Watch
In addition, the app wastes a bit too much space for a kind of Memoji, i
Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite release date, price, features and everything else you need to know
Like a lot optical heart rate monitors, it can be reliable in most instances, but will ultimately let you down when you push things a little harder
That's a similar kind of battery life performance we saw from rival watches like the Realme Watch, Amazfit Bip S and the Amazfit Bip U Pro The touchscreen responds sluggishly to swipe gestures, reminding us that this is a low budget wearable
The watch software is Xiaomi's own and it retains the same simple user interface used on the Mi Watch for getting around menus and screens You start from the watch face as usual, but you swipe up to get to the quick settings, which are at the bottom

Mi Global Home

You'll just have to sacrifice some of those features when you drop down to the Mi Watch Lite.

Mi Global Home
Additional widgets show the weather info, the current activity, last night's sleep quality, or the heart rate
Xiaomi Mi Watch v Mi Watch Lite: budget smartwatches compared
It weighs 35g and measures in at 11
Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review — Simple Yet Effective
Like the original, it's a pair of smartwatches that won't blow a big hole in your bank balance and still offers a rich array of features whether you want somewhere else to read notifications or to keep tabs on your heart