Codes were sung by users; see the voice typewriter employing Morse or votem Speed in words per minute All Morse code elements depend on the dot length
Consequently, words also have different lengths in terms of dot duration, even when they contain the same number of characters The fact that the transmitted power is concentrated into a very limited bandwidth makes it possible to use narrow receiver filters, which suppress or eliminate interference on nearby frequencies

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Non- scripts require more radical adaption.

Morse code
"Russ" Farnsworth, also known by his , W6TTB
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For instance, Q in Morse is dah dah di dah , which can be memorized by the phrase "God save the Queen", and the Morse for F is di di dah dit , which can be memorized as "Did she like it? For this reason, a standard word is helpful to measure operator transmission speed
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Since many natural languages use more than the 26 letters of the , have been developed for those languages, largely by transliteration of existing codes
This is granted either when the tests are passed or as the Second and First are renewed and become this lifetime license [ ] As of 2015, the United States military taught Morse code as an 81 day self-paced course, having phased out more traditional classes
Warships, including those of the , have long used to exchange messages in Morse code medium gap between words : seven time units long Transmission Morse code can be transmitted in a number of ways: originally as electrical pulses along a wire, but also as an audio tone, a radio signal with short and long tones, or as a mechanical, audible, or visual signal e

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This left only four codepoints identical to the original Morse code, namely E, H, K and N, and the latter two had their dahs extended to full length.

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brand semiautomatic key generically called a "bug"
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The Commission specifies Morse code test elements at 16 code groups per minute, 20 words per minute, 20 code groups per minute, and 25 words per minute
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The " " symbol was formally added in 2004