This update contains general improvements and bug fixes, in addition to these two new services: Immediate Consultation Service: A service that allows you to request an immediate virtual consultation from one of approved doctors by MOH We provide our patients and caregivers feasible, informative, and secured access to their health records
Sehhaty includes: - Book an appointment for COVID-19 test Third Stage, Target Group: All citizens and residents wishing to get the vaccine

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Visit Sehaty Website at Sehaty.

تطبيق صحتي للكمبيوتر ، تنزيل وتشغيل تطبيق صحتي SEHATY على الحاسوب
I know people who signed up later, are younger than me and have no medical issues who have received the vaccine
The vaccination will be carried out in 3 stages, and each stage has target groups
تسجيل الدخول في بوابة صحتي الالكترونية في قطر
Dear users: We update the app frequently in order to make it better for you
For more information about Corona vaccine, I cannot Update personal information
Target Group: Citizens and residents who are over 65 years and professionals who are most vulnerable to infection For more information about Corona vaccine,

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Thank you for those who worked on the application.

صحتي احصائية كورونا في العالم مباشر احصائيات تفصيلية
Patients are able to access their medical information from the comfort of their home and perform several tasks related to their care
Second Stage, Target Group: 1
التسجيل بموقع صحتي
Thank you to them and their families