Rempah mi bandung yang dihasilkan oleh usahawan bumiputera anak tempatan Muar juga boleh diperolehi dari pasar besar Muar Kumpulan Ghazal terkenal Muar ialah Seri Maharani Ghazal Parti pimpinan Ahmad Jusoh
Muar juga adalah tempat terletaknya satu-satunya makam kesultanan Melaka iaitu 1477-1488 SK Bakri Batu 5, Bakri, Muar 峇吉里五哩国民小学• Selain itu, ketiadaan batu balas di dalam pembinaan landasan telah mempercepatkan kadar kerosakan landasan di mana mendapan tanah sering berlaku dan mengakibatkan beberapa kegelinciran

Muar Map

The bridge was constructed between March 2001 and June 2003.

معركة موار
Muar is also the home for the one and only tomb of the 7th Malacca Sultanate, 1477—1488
معركة موار
The battle resulted in the near-annihilation of the ' deployed , with heavy casualties for its two attached Australian's and the eventual fall of Muar to the forces
Zapin is a combination of style Malay dance with Arabic influence
The first phase has been launched in the middle of September 2011 But he and his family including his followers had fled to , and opened 2 areas on the banks of the ; the and another fort called before moved to and opened up
Muar celebrated its centenary in a grand celebration attended by the Sultan of Johor in 1984 There are many old shop houses and Chinese guilds and associations buildings with unique elements in their structure and architecture still preserved in the town


Namun demikian, Muar masih merupakan bandar kedua terpenting dari segi pentadbiran selepas ibu negeri.

موار — Викисловарь
SMK Dato' Sri Amar Diraja SEDAR• However, both divided administrative districts are still collectively and fondly called and referred to as the region or area of Muar as a whole by their residents and outsiders
stated that Paramicura who were driven away from after he killed the representative of the , Temagi; had escaped in exile and stopped in and built a in rural areas of called
, , References [ ]• Studer, American and British Claims Arbitration: William Webster: Appendix to the Memorial of the United States, Vol