Alhajry Overseas team set up accommodation camps for contractors working on rigs and remote areas Our state-of-the-art help desk and call center operate round the clock and is designed to address all ad-hoc emergencies and special requests
Al-Hajry Overseas is qualified to handle turnkey contracts that include system maintenance, system operation, supply, installation and commissioning From the very beginning, we have strived to emerge as a solely growth-oriented business venture with a primary focus on customer satisfaction

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With safety a priority, we endeavor to be a trusted service partner, operating in the best interest of our customers and partners while benefitting our employees and their families.

, includes setting up the cabins, installing all equipment, providing utilities and catering, recreation, and maintenance of the camps
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Our dedicated team of enthused professionals helps us garner appreciations from every customer we work with
Facility Management Company in Saudi Arabia
With years of experience in cleaning large-scale residential, commercial and retail properties, we possess the skills and know-how for any challenge
We aim to be the one-stop hub from where all the facility management requirements of all types of customers can be addressed Our vision revolves around customer satisfaction and customer comfort
Unlike other facility management companies, we provide FM consultancy services to a wide range of prestigious and prominent clients, from Fortune 500 companies to large government entities Specialized in facility management, we integrate professionals, processes, and technology to add value to our client organization


You also benefit from optimized investment, operating and life cycle cost.

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Our comprehensive FM consultancy services will address all your facility management requests under a single roof with a single contact point
Facility Management Company in Saudi Arabia
We try to stay abreast of the most up-and-coming trends and escalating customer expectations across all facets of facility management service provisions
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No need to look up multiple operation and maintenance companies in Saudi Arabia; Alhajry Overseas is a one-stop-destination for all your needs! Our impeccable services echo the values you uphold and reflect your image in best possible light
Industrial catering with utmost commitment to health, hygiene and compliance with the highest international food service and facilities standards State-of-the-art Facility Management company in Saudi Arabia Alhajry Overseas is a reputed Integrated Facility Management Service Provider in Saudi Arabia, known for its values-drive management style and customer-centric approach
Al-Hajry Overseas is committed to supporting our customers in their goals of maintaining excellence in their physical environment and dedication to their service standards We integrate our team with your business in such a way that only minimum participation is needed from your end once installation is completed

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Our professional and practical solutions involve strictly controlled treatments that are closely monitored, and our pest control programmed is geared towards prevention and focuses on all commonly known pests.

Who We Are
Offering a top-of-the-line facility management process in Saudi Arabia to customers of all types, coming from every niche, we ensure professionalism and utmost perfection in whatever we do
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Our facilities management services enhance the quality of your workplace's daily running
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