In 1968, he joined Movement and had several missions in Lebanon, Palestine and Europe, then he became among the first operatives during the Death [ ] He died from at a hospital in at age 70, during the on 22 February 2021
Biography [ ] Al-Naqqash was a convert to Islam who had pledged allegiance to following the success of the He was also known for being a Lebanese fighter

أنيس المستقبل الأفضل

Al-Naqqash was freed on 27 July 1990, together with four accomplices, after being pardoned by President.

كورونا يخطف أنيس النقاش...
In 1975, he was part of a six-person team led by Venezuelan guerrilla fighter , which perpetrated the in ,
أنيس النقّاش.. الرواية لم تمت
أنيس النقاش... حياة حافلة بالسجن والسفر
In 1980, Anis al-Naqqash was accused of being involved in a failed assassination attempt on the last Prime Minister of under monarchy, , in a court in and was sentenced to life in prison
The assassination attempt resulted in death of a police officer and a civilian

وفاة المناضل اللبناني العربي أنيس النقاش


Anis al
أنيس النقاش.. ثلاثة أشخاص في شخص واحد
أنيس النقاش: جدليّة الاستراتيجيا والإيديولوجيا