Journey from the Center of the Sun Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society
"Chondrule-forming Shock Fronts in the Solar Nebula: A Possible Unified Scenario for Planet and Chondrite Formation" Levison, Martin J Duncan 1997

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" Nature Geoscience, in press, 2010.

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"The age of the solar system redefined by the oldest Pb-Pb age of a meteoritic inclusion
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"On the origin of the High-Perihelion Scattered Disk: the role of the Kozai mechanism and mean motion resonances"
عدد الكواكب في المجموعة الشمسية
The Proceedings of the IAU 8th Asian-Pacific Regional Meeting, Volume I
"A Geometric Determination of the Distance to the Galactic Center" Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
The date is based on the oldest found to date in , and is thought to be the date of the formation of the first solid material in the collapsing nebula Ree; Thibault Lejeune; Sydney Barnes 2001

المجموعة الشمسية

and the Cassini Imaging Team July 18, 2007.

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SSH 8-1, CiteID 1136, DOI 10
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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
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Sukyoung Yi; Pierre Demarque; Yong-Cheol Kim; Young-Wook Lee; Chang H