Hosny has frequently stated that he was not satisfied with the film He appreciates the "King of the stage" title due to his efforts to improve his stage appearance in Egypt
"I'm no king, I'm not a fan of titles at all, I only appreciate the fact that my efforts to improve Egypt's stage appearance are acknowledged by the fans", he said, "My favorite title is just being called an Egyptian Arab artist when performing abroad Hosny sang vocals in Bokra "", a charity single that was released on 11 November 2011, along with , , , , , , , , , , and other Arab Artists

تامر حسني للجمهور: جاهزين؟

[Karim Mohsen releases album with the support of Tamer Hosny] in Arabic.

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He was also the First Arab Celebrity to advertise the of sunglasses
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Hosny launched his solo career with his 2004 album Hob, becoming a successful singer of romantic music and was given the nickname "King of the Generation" by his fans
فنان مصري يحلم برؤية تامر حسني.. والأخير يفاجئه!
In December 2019, Hosny broke the for the most contributions to a bulletin board
Life and career [ ] Tamer Hosny was born in to an Egyptian father and Syrian mother Tamer Hosny 3 October 2013 , , retrieved 11 August 2017• Kennedy, Helen 9 February 2011
In another collaboration, titled Si Al Sayed, after the patriarchal protagonist of the , appeared in the music video wearing traditional Egyptian and having his name written in ON Ent 4 October 2016

تامر حسني للجمهور: جاهزين؟


مشاهدة فيلم البدلة كامل بطولة تامر حسني 2018 بجودة HDRip اون لاين
Free Mix 4 2005 References [ ]• The song, written and composed by Tamer Hosny, was distributed all over the world
تامر حسنی
Tamer Hosny recorded a new duet song with , named Smile
تامر حسني يتألق في أغنية “صعبة” بحفل العلمين الجديدة.. فيديو
His next film was scheduled to release in November 2011 during the holiday