With the help of Al Borg Laboratories, we could serve and satisfy the needs of our patients, doctors and even patient relatives Al Borg Medical Laboratories is always a supporter of success and is a key partner in the medical community
Sehaty Blueprint for Wellness It has been taken into account when designing of programs to suit all ages of men, women and children The mission of Alfa laboratories is to improve health by providing clinical laboratory testing services , including highly sophisticated techniques for the prevention, early assessment and comprehensive management of complex chronic disease by timely, accurate and dependable with reasonable cost, investigation and support services to help physicians to quickly receive the critical and important information they need to guide their patients to proper management decisions

طلب زيارة منزلية

Test Result Request You can get your test results out of here! Share information with your doctor and other healthcare providers.

طلب زيارة منزلية
Get the right decision and download Al Borg Health Mobile App
طلب زيارة منزلية
Al Borg Medical Laboratories are always supportive e of scientific development, scientific research and practical lectures and all new medical analysis
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I am looking forward to continuous cooperation for the seek of our patients It also has a high-quality marketing team and the skill in communication and customer service

مختبرات الفا الطبية (جميع الفروع)

Home Visit We provide care through home visits and home delivery of the results if patients have been unable to visit our branches.

مختبرات البرج الطبية ( جميع الفروع )
Precautions To ensure the integrity of your samples and to ensure getting accurate test results, please abide by these precautions and instructions for sample collection
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Al Borg Medical Laboratories is one of the most powerful laboratories in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East with its strong human resource and new medical equipments
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Thank you, Al Borg Medical Laboratories