They have some remarkable behaviours Teacher: You don't know Maths
Father: Why did you fail your Mathematics Test? Japan may be the best-known and most controversial example, but eating dolphin is not that common It may be the fastest movement they are capable of

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Dolphin therapy [ ] Dolphin therapy is sometimes used for people with mental or physical handicaps.

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They are about 40 species in seventeen genera, and vary in size and lengths and weights ranging between 1
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The animal has a relatively smooth smooth skin
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Depending on the species, it is 1
Water pollution and the loss of habitat are a threat to some dolphins, especially those living in rivers and estuaries They can kill large by ramming them over and over again with their snouts and heads
They can a thing in the , and they can see colors, too Kingdom: Phylum: Class: Order: Infraorder: Parvorder: Groups included• Dolphins will keep one eye open to watch for animals that eat them while they sleep

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It lasts for long periods under water and it breathes in a voluntary manner.

Dolphins use to find their food
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Dolphin A , the most well known type of dolphin
دلفين أزرق أبيض, الدلفين الأزرق الأبيض أو الدلفين المخطط ( بالإنجليزية: striped dolphin
Most live in salt water , but some live in — there are and
Dolphins food and reproduction Dolphins feed on meat, especially fish and squid, but there are some species of deadly dolphins that feed on other marine mammals Dolphins are common in and there are many coins from ancient Greece which feature a man or boy or deity riding on the back of a dolphin
Dolphins and humans [ ] Mythology [ ] Fresco of Dolphins, ca It also has an acute vision and a high level of touch ,but lacks a sense of smell

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Dolphins can hear a underwater.

A dolphin's is on top of its so the dolphin can easily breathe on the of the
دلفين أزرق أبيض, الدلفين الأزرق الأبيض أو الدلفين المخطط ( بالإنجليزية: striped dolphin
When they chase fish, the fish go into a "bait ball" to self-protect
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One of the characteristics of the dolphins is that the brain is divided into two parts so that one part sleeps and the other remains to control the process of involuntary breathing and to be careful of the dangers and threats that may surround it, and sleep and one eye is open, but it is observed that the dolphins living in houses in captivity sleep completely and close both eyes