Sanhedrin 67a : תנו רבנן מכשפה אחד האיש ואחד האשה א"כ מה ת"ל מכשפה מפני שרוב נשים מצויות בכשפים You express your heart sickness to Šamaš
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Women's Clothing


Ordeal of the bitter water
Rashbam, however, reads the verse as being specifically about women: מכשפה לא תחיה — לפי שדרך נשים מכשפניות לעשות מעשיהן בסתר במחבואות במערות
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The bitter waters can only be effective miraculously
2 Samuel 1:26 Hebrew Text Analysis
And when any one that had lied drank this water, and walked seven times round the altar, God used to show some sign in his face
Your inbox is about to get a lot more stylish! I grieve for you, Jonathan, my brother One reading is that the ordeal results in a if she is guilty
Due to the awkwardness of the idea that the wife has to drink the potion twice, secular argue that either the first drinking must be a later addition to the text, or that the whole account of the ordeal must be spliced together from two earlier descriptions You were such a friend to me

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Maimonides further writes: "When she dies, the adulterer because of whom she was compelled to drink will also die, wherever he is located.

Women's Clothing
It seems unlikely that this translation reflects an alternative Vorlage with a Hebrew plural
Women's Clothing
Pre-Islamic Arabic culture similarly had an adultery ordeal, although in scientific terms, compared to the Israelite ritual it relied more on nausea, than on directly poisoning the woman
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Also, the book of Micah, Israelites including men who practice witchcraft
In a similar vein, the Babylonian Talmud records a statement by R If you are using a screen reader, magnifier, or other assistive technologies and are experiencing difficulties using this website, please call our TOLL-FREE support line 855-466-7467 for assistance

Accusing Women of Witchcraft

Appendix Witchcraft in the Quran A strong parallel to what we see in the Exodus verse and its reception can be found in the Quran 7 th cent.

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The Mishnah reports that, in the time of the , she was taken to the East Gate of the Temple, in front of the Nikanor gate
Certainly, in ancient times, there were nuanced distinctions between different types of magic users, but delving into this goes beyond the scope of the piece here
Women's Clothing
מז:יב עִמְדִי נָא בַחֲבָרַיִךְ וּבְרֹב כְּשָׁפַיִךְ בַּאֲשֶׁר יָגַעַתְּ מִנְּעוּרָיִךְ אוּלַי תּוּכְלִי הוֹעִיל אוּלַי תַּעֲרוֹצִי