This decision contained the concept about a place and role of the Russian language in the system of education 149,694 people who speak Armenian at home
36 2 : 211—240 [p "Anatomy of Rumor: Murder Scandal, the Musavat Party and Narrative of the Russian Revolution in Baku, 1917—1920"

أزمة الحدود بين أذربيجان وأرمينيا 2021

New York: Facts On File.

أزمة الحدود بين أذربيجان وأرمينيا 2021
Black Garden: Armenia And Azerbaijan Through Peace and War
حرب أرمينيا وأذربيجان
New York: Metropolitan Books, 2006, p
أزمة الحدود بين أذربيجان وأرمينيا 2021
It turned Armenia sharply away from its Iranian past and stamped it for centuries with an intrinsic character as clear to the native population as to those outside its borders, who identified Armenia almost at once as the first state to adopt Christianity"
"A month ago after the massacres of Shushi, on April 19, 1920, prime-ministers of England, France and Italy with participation of the representatives of Japan and USA collected in San-Remo Detroit: Wayne State University Press


The Genesis of Armenian People.

رئيس أذربيجان: الصراع العسكري مع أرمينيا في قره باغ انتهى
"massacre of the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh's capital, Shushi called Shusha by the Azerbaijanis ", Kalli Raptis, "Nagorno-Karabakh and the Eurasian Transport Corridor", []• However, these are liable to be low numbers, since people of mixed ancestry, very common in North America tend to be under-counted: the 1990 census U
الرئيس نيوز: أطماع أردوغانية.. لماذا تؤجج تركيا الحرب بين أرمينيا وأذربيجان؟
Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia