I must say that I had an AK-74 and you have to spend some money if you want it to perform honorably Ra-tech powa! Here is the log of the testing, 0 I had to put a longer axle and caulk both ends
-Un ou deux tournevis plats -Once again the fire selector got loose, I removed it and put it back using Loctite

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The hop up mechanism is held by two alen screws.

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Et encore plus de photos! Bolt carrier : Does it shoot BBs? De quoi prendre du plaisir sur le terrain
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-Still no leaks to the mags, BUT the small filling valve O-rings tend to disappear
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Here are the different positions of the fire selector
Notice that there is no spring in the stock compartment Of course, my magazine was leaky, I had to take it apart and put it back together with some kind of windshield paste
-Un livret de documentation de 6 pages The inner barrel is made of brass, its diameter is 6

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414 fps 411 395 399 389 390 385 385 389 393 In most of French associations, this is too powerful to play full auto usually the limit is set to 350 fps.

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Hop-up system : Of course, none of the parts are compatible from one system to the other! Safety, both semi and auto sears are blocked
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Inside the box : -The replica
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The autonomy is really good, about 2-3 mags with one gas load
04mm and its length is 400 mm, once again, any AEG barrel will do the trick On est entre le recul d'une Marui et celui d'un calibre
Oui, et pas mal du tout en plus! But this time, GHK decided to strike hard : they came up with a new system and housed it in an LCT frame However I would have preferred a VFC frame, to me more accurate than the LCT one fire selector markings, RS-like field stripping, no screws etc

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La boite est sobre, le logo GHK et la mention du partenariat avec LCT.

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Good precision, good range, interesting kick but of course nothing compared to a real gun! 04mm et 400mm de long
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Edit November 13th 2012 : New problems
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Left to right : original part, wooden RS grip and bakelite RS grip