The spread of the album was a reason for Najwa Karam to enter the list of the most listened to singers on Yotta radio in Japan and topped the Malaysian Akshak magazine cover 1994: Benlton International Club - Lebanon• 2003: Star Square Beirut - Lebanon Over 30000 people• Three months before the album's official release, the song El Tahady was distributed to the Arabic radio stations
Plans for another collaboration with Barakat are underway She is the youngest daughter of Karam Karam who died 7 September 2013 and Barbara Chahine Karam

Najwa Karam

The track was written and composed by Barakat, and called for unity among all Lebanese people.

بالفيديو.. نجوى كرم تهدي الإمارات أغنية ”زايد مجدها“
The new hit single was the first song of Karam's that was produced directly out of Rotana in 17 years
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2002: The foot of Egyptians Pyramids - Egypt• 1989: El Layl Sar Nhar• Rawad halal 27 March 2018
اغاني نجوى كرم قديم
An agreement between the parties was made, and Karam was now on Rotana's roster music HD 19 April 2015
All copy rights are rested with respective authors 2013: Jerash International Festivals - Jordan• In June she released her video clip Hayda Haki, which displayed her character in a romantic atmosphere and love shots and in its first day on the charts she landed on the 1st spot

بالفيديو.. نجوى كرم تهدي الإمارات أغنية ”زايد مجدها“

2000—2004 [ ] Another year, another change for Najwa Karam.

نجوى كرم
With its slow rhythm and different style, unusual of Karam's music, it reached the top ten singles and became a favorite
Najwa Karam
The wide success of gave Karam a chance to do a concert tour and attain a number of awards, including a prize from the Broadcasting Association for the Best Artist of 1994
بالفيديو.. نجوى كرم تهدي الإمارات أغنية ”زايد مجدها“
2016: Jerash International Festivals - Jordan• The song was verified stolen from the Najwa Karam Office and released without her permission
And so work began on her next studio album - 2016: Sidi Ferj Amphitheatre Kazif - Algeria• It was chosen by Virgin MegaStore Jordan, as Top 3 most selling albums in the year of 2008
2015: State Theater Tetouan - Morocco Over 60000 people• In 2018, included Karam on their list of "The 15 Most Inspiring Women In The Middle East", and included her on their list of the "Top 10 of Arab Stars On The Global Stage" To further 's crediting of Karam's successes, an honouring assemble was held on Saturday, 23 June 2001, where Karam was awarded for her achievements throughout her singing career and for the huge success of

نجوى كرم وماجد المهندس يشعلان حفلات الرياض وحفل جديد لإليسا ووائل كفوري بالسعودية..شاهدوا

Her other successful '90s albums include , , , and.

Najwa Karam was born February 26 in Lebanon
بالفيديو.. نجوى كرم تهدي الإمارات أغنية ”زايد مجدها“
2017: Falaysi Theatre Algiers — Algeria• It sold over 4 million copies worldwide and is one of Karam's most acclaimed albums to date
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This time it came about in the form of a music album called