It is the first Boeing aircraft with controls Under ETOPS rules, airlines began operating the 767 on long-distance overseas routes that did not require the capacity of larger airliners
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777 (number)

The 240 design teams, with up to 40 members each, addressed almost 1,500 design issues with individual aircraft components.

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As of February 2021 , the 777 had been involved in 31 , including 7 5 during flight and 2 on the ground with 541 fatalities, and 3
Boeing 777
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Most of the damage was confined to the engine, and the aircraft sustained minor damage Boeing has received orders for 777 VIP aircraft based on the 777-200LR and 777-300ER passenger models
What Does it Mean When You See 777? The initial proposal featured a longer fuselage and larger wings than the existing 767, along with In the posterity of Seth, Lamech is the last patriarch before the flood

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Other notations include "773ER" and "773B" for the -300ER.

777 (number)
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Boeing 777 grounding explained: Pratt and Whitney engine failure involved in two incidents on same day
The 777-9 is a further stretched variant with a capacity of over 400 passengers and a range of over 8,200 nmi 15,200 km , whereas the 777-8 is slated to seat approximately 350 passengers and have a range of over 9,300 nmi 17,200 km
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