During that year, Almarai also moved into the poultry market Knickmeyer, Ellen October 17, 2012
This was following the acquisition of Hail Agricultural Development Co Almarai Head Office in , Savola owns a quarter of its shares and the rest has been on the market since 2006

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By 2014, the company controlled 44 percent of the dairy market in the.

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In total they acquired around 14,000 acres
It was announced that their total staffing numbers had reached 38,000, which means the company created over thirty thousand jobs in a decade
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All shareholders, including , diluted their shares for the IPO to take place
The milk it produces serves over 55,000 stores in the Facilities and sustainability [ ] In June 2012, Almarai invited a number of representatives from both the International press and also financial leaders to visit their main facility in , located in
It also has the region's first infant nutrition factory In 2017, Almarai added a it second production facility in , known as CPP3

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In 2017, it was announced that would reduce its stake in Almarai by 2 percent.

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In 2018, it was announced that Almarai was the most popular brand in the Kingdom of for the third year in a row
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The likelihood was that Almarai would invest in the country's dairy market through acquisition
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History [ ] Early years 1977-2010 [ ] Almarai started its operations in 1977 by Irish brothers Alastair McGuckian and Paddy McGuckian and Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer