Solomon, Jay 30 August 2012 The IAEA have asked to interview him about the activities of the PHRC over the period he was head but Iran has refused
He was rarely mentioned in and was typically referred to as a university professor That same day, the was sighted in the gulf, the first such Ohio-class guided-missile submarine spotted in the area in eight years

محسن فخری‌زاده

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من قتل محسن فخري زاده؟
Israeli involvement [ ] See also: Iranian officials blamed Israel for the assassination and claimed that it had acted in concert with in carrying it out
محسن فخري زاده.. حياة غامضة وعمل مكشوف
According to the report, Fakhrizadeh's convoy was watched from a distance by a team of Israeli agents who activated the gun when his car passed the designated spot
Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
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" Zarif also alleged Israeli involvement in the incident Jerusalem Post Staff 4 December 2020
The MEK has allegedly assisted Israeli operations in the past Karimi, Nasser; Gambrell, Jon 19 November 2020

من هو العالم النووي الإيراني محسن فخري زاده الذي قتل في هجوم قرب طهران؟

Soon after, the Nissan truck carrying the gun detonated.

من هو العالم النووي الإيراني محسن فخري زاده الذي قتل في هجوم قرب طهران؟
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من هو محسن فخري زادة؟
Philp, Catherine 14 December 2009
كاتب إيراني: فخري زاده قتل كما في أفلام الحركة الأميركية
Mazloumsaki, Sara; McLaughlin, Eliott C