Make the tahini sauce ahead of time too if you need, other wise it only needs 3 minutes A zesty is topped over the falafel for a spike of lemon, parsley and tomatoes
Another thing is the red onions, I love the crunch they add and the taste Before I get to the sauce, I want to mention the tablouleh or tabouli for a bit

سندويش فلافل كم سعره حراريه

Open up the pita bread and spread the tahini sauce.

سندويش فلافل كم سعره حراريه
Yes it could be unusual, however this is like the secret ingredient! The read is slathered in a falafel sauce more on that below so the sandwich is moist and juicy
سندويش فلافل كم سعره حراريه ؟
Use a Pita bread that has a pocket so you can open it up and stuff it
سندويش فلافل كم سعره حراريه
Tahini sauce pairs with so many dishes, vegetarian or not
A squeeze of lemon juice and the sandwich is ready to wrap! Use this homemade falafel post to make it from scratch Get to know and understand what falafel is, why homemade and so many tips on this post
Put your falafel over that and crush them with a fork You need simple few ingredients only

ساندويش فلافل

TIPS FOR THE BEST SANDWICH• Alternatively, you can also add chopped parsley and tomatoes to your sandwich with an hefty squeeze of lemon juice.

طريقة عمل سندويشات الفلافل السورية
Leftover Tahini sauce keeps in the fridge for weeks
طريقة عمل سندويشات الفلافل السورية
Say hello to the ultimate falafel sandwich
طريقة عمل سندويشات الفلافل السورية
My ultimate favroite sauce to use with my falafel sandwich is this perfect tahini sauce