This information is also displayed on the app description page, so users can see it before downloading the app Please develop paid version without subscription
Moreover, you can find the Manage Subscriptions section within the app settings We will be happy to assist you

Canon : أدلة PIXMA : إجراء المسح الضوئي في الوضع الأساسي

Please contact our customer support at support bpmobile.

مسح المستندات ضوئيًّا وتحويلها إلى PDF، Adobe Acrobat
The App is perfect, but why do you want to keep charging me on monthly basis?!! Most of us prefer to buy and go
ماسح رمز الاستجابة السريعة
com if you experience difficulties using our app
App Store trial subscriptions will automatically be renewed and converted into a paid subscription until you choose to end them in iTunes Subscriptions
Until then, i will keep the one star rating
You can also review or cancel subscription using a link provided in the Subscription Confirmation email I believe you missed thinking about user satisfaction but money

Canon : أدلة PIXMA : MG2500 series : المسح الضوئي الميسر مع المسح الضوئي التلقائي


ماسح رمز الاستجابة السريعة
Canon : أدلة PIXMA : إجراء المسح الضوئي في الوضع الأساسي
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