The father searches for answers, the father meets his classmate, Scott, and the already miserable life takes another sinister turn after this girl is gone and killed And Tom had been waiting for a moment like this all his life, that would change the history of the Bublenuck family forever, would be a life-changing, and he packed up and left for India the next day
It begins with calamitous sadness over the recent death of his teenage son Scott, who fell from the top of a building, causing his death while the matter was not normal or understood by everyone The events of the story feature that an assassin stitches the corpses of animals and humans together

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The author weaves events in Cold Blood together between stories of killers and investigators who investigate through interviews with those who know the victims and the killers.

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Almost immediately, he finds himself involved with a gambler and a beautiful young woman, drawn to a decades-old murder mystery
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The story turns that the father is a suspect in a murder because of his grief over his son, and his resort to identifying a group of deviant policemen to help with his crime
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The husband is happy to hear the news and feels that happiness and wealth are in his hands, and his wife asked him to never tell this story to anyone and keep it a secret, but when he recovered from illness and went to the village; Sitting with his friends, he was not helpless and told them the secret
The investigation will force him to face the memory of a trauma he had buried years ago This elaborate novel, now translated into twenty languages, cuts through the deepest mysteries of identity and forces us to question whether or not we know who we really are
The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule In the 1970s, this story illustrated the kind of friendship that allowed Rule to gain insight into the inner psyche of the serial killer and his life during his conviction, trial, and execution for the murder of 30 women In Cold Blood by Truman Capote In 1959, four members of the Clutter family, who owned a ranch in Kansas, were shot dead in their home

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One day she found a piece of silver and held it in her hand that was very shiny, especially when the sun was shining.

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The novel is a true classic of crime, and has been researched by award-winning novelists Truman Capote and Harper Lee, and the author has highlighted every detail of the crime with all that can be expected
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So I took her in the morning, and my husband was surprised and asked her why and why she was hiding in her clothes, and because the wife could not hide her secret, I told her husband everything about the treasure
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Several years later, a boy named Tom Poplenuck heard this story from his grandfather, who heard it from his grandfather, and in fact, for several generations, this story was passed down in the Bublenuck family