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Couldn't finish it, it doesn't even deserve a star, I reached page 750 and I won't read more of this! I wished to slap her on the face many times!! I don't know what happened when Ammar kidnapped Raghad that motivate walid to kill him

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just can't find the words to dscribe how i feel right now,, for a while i wished that it would never end.

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One of the best books I've ever read ,, am not that romantic person :D but this book was so good that i felt in love with the book and all the characters
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im very disgusted to be honest Arwa, who went through a lot and still managed to do the right thing
You never know when you will need a good phrases substitute

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I don't know what happened when Ammar kidnapped Raghad that motivate walid to kill him.

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I also felt a little procrastination in the middle and the shifting of events at the end was somehow unreasonable
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did they had to wait for that long to express their feelings, and make everyone suffers around them!! Lots of huge plot twists! Step 3: Allow installation of third party apps
After reading this story, im for sure gonna read the rest of her books this writer is commendable she has excellent writing skills is there such a pure love, such a platonic love
especially later when the a few years go by and the guy is 18 and the girl is only 9 … there is a problem with that

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After 800 pages, I still feel like some parts of the book are just repetition or are just accessories
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plus t the biggest disappointment i had reading this novel is that it had so much potential but the author just walked through them all without taking the chance to get into the deeper shade of the story, the fundamental dew of the story is strong but the aspects the author chose to talk the story through were extremely poor, i mean it's freaking 1600 pages long and she could easily have gone through some more relatable issues like war, arranged marriages, political prisoners and life in jail
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I would left that book!! What a spoiled child she is!! 70 Stickers de amor para WhatsApp 💕 2848316 4