But if you want to lighten the hair completely, spray the transformer over the parts of the hair that you split them evenly, and you can also use it to lighten the ends of the hair only Hair must be tested before starting to use oxygen And that is by placing an amount of the component on a small strand of hair Using cotton Then leave it for half an hour and then wash it with cold water
Finally, divide your hair into equal parts in order to make sure that the oxygen water will penetrate inside the hair well and get a more harmonious color, where you can divide your hair into four equal sections and then divide each section into two or more parts depending on the density of the hair and then fix it with clips Poetry Bring hair clips, cotton balls and a towel and after washing and drying the hair well, you can use the component to lighten the hair by taking a piece of cotton and spraying the solution over it and passing it on the hair strands from the roots to the ends, if you want to lighten only certain parts of the hair

الفرق بين بروكسيد ٦ وبروكسيد ٩ للشعر

You can indicate any criteria via the advanced product assignment mechanism and only those products matching your criteria will display the modules.

طريقة سحب لون الشعر بالبروكسيد
You should let your hair dry well for half an hour before applying oxygen to it
الفرق بين بروكسيد ٦ وبروكسيد ٩ للشعر
Sodium-free shampoo and conditioner should be used So that it consists of natural products, and you should avoid using any component that contains sulfur As it works to dry hair
اكسجين بروكسيد للشعر — ماء الاكسجين هيدروجين بروكسيد للشعر
You should also avoid using chemicals that contain chemicals, and avoid exposing your hair to heat or heating with an iron and any heating tools
Dye oxygen is divided into four types according to use After that, leave the remover on your hair for an appropriate period and not be half an hour, or according to the degree of your hair color and the degree of lightening that you want, and then nationally wash your hair well with cold water and you should clean it well and do not forget to put the conditioner on your hair to moisturize it is preferable to do a cream bath for hair to avoid the occurrence Any dry hair and let it dry naturally without using an electric dryer
Oxygene or peroxide is used to lighten hair color and stabilize the hair dye It is used to pull the black color from the hair and in case it turns platinum or gray blond

اكسجين بروكسيد للشعر — ماء الاكسجين هيدروجين بروكسيد للشعر

Hair stylists use it to make highlights, and to pull dark color in the case of hair dye with a hairy and red color.

طريقة استخدام اكسجين بروكسيد للشعر 2019
Tips before using oxygen water: The hair should be dyed or treated with anything weeks before lightening This is to avoid hair damage, keep it strong, and get the best results for lightening hair
طريقة مزج صبغات الشعر
If it is lighter than the color you want, you should reduce the waiting period or the amount of oxygen used and all of this until you are sure that the component will not cause your hair any problems and that it is safe
ماء الأكسجين و كيفية إستخدامه فى تفتيح لون الشعر مع نصائح هامة قبل إستعماله
The hair should be moist and clean from dirt, oil or any other component It may block the penetration of oxygen water into the hair