Log in to the unified access portal Select mobile vehicle license services
Upload the required attachments and send the request to the municipality

سيارة ايسكريم للبيع

Upload the approvals of the government agencies required by the applicant.

حراج سيارة ايسكريم جده
The inspector goes to inspect the vehicle and submits the inspection report
Issuing Ice Cream Truck License
Approving the request from the municipality and issuing SADAD invoice
سيارة ايس كريم للبيع 2012
Checking the application data and attachments by the municipality
Paying fees, and Printing the license Select the service of issuing a license of an ice cream truck

مشروع سيارة الايسكريم المتجولة مع توضيح اهم مناطق التجول


سيارة ايس كريم للبيع
فان ايس كريم للبيع
Issuing Ice Cream Truck License