The first finding is a National Geographic report in October 2013 that shows that the vanilla flavoring used in baking may derive from the secretions of a beaver Getty TikTok users wonder about the true origins of vanilla flavoring after information linking it to beaver secretions is found online
Cliquez pour en savoir plus sur nos partenaires What Is It About Mexican Vanilla That Makes It So Appealing? Modern vanilla flavoring is often created in a lab, with refined petrochemicals used to generate a synthetic variant of Vanillin, a component present in natural Vanilla that gives it its particular flavor and aroma

Where Does Vanilla Flavoring Come From? The Real Reason Behind The Viral TikTok Claim About Beavers And Castoreum

No, literally: over the past few years, manufacturers regularly produce about 18,000 metric tons of artificial vanillin, with around 85% of that being made from guaiacol-derived vanillin.

Where Does Vanilla Extract and Flavoring Come From?
Any vanilla extract made from the petrochemical process has to be called imitation or artificial vanilla extract, and you can easily find bottles of vanilla extract made using this process at the grocery store
Where Does Vanilla Extract and Flavoring Come From?
Is Castoreum Harmful for Human? What Is The Composition Of Synthetic Vanilla? Where does vanilla flavoring come from Vanilla is derived from orchids belonging to the genus Vanilla
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Single source natural vanilla extract will always be labeled with its country of origin
The surprising finding also caused some to swear vanilla lattes and vanilla flavors And how do you know which is real vanilla and which is a pale imitation? The amount used in flavors such as strawberry and vanilla has been overlooked, aimed at enhancing rather than flavoring, according to Bernstein
Going farther back, in 2011, one asked five companies that produce natural and artificial vanilla if they used castoreum in their products Extracting castoreum from a live beaver is not easy because they need to be milked in order to retrieve the substance, so they're often sedated or already dead

Where does vanilla flavoring come from? Let's Find The Truth

Tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris and Camel spray their cigarettes with dry castoreum to give them a more fragrant aroma.

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This is due to the fact that beaver populations started dwindling, along with the high costs of extracting the compound from the animals
Mainly herbs are made with beaver
Where Does Vanilla Flavoring Come From? Must Read This Analysis
Typically, two chemicals are combined to create vanillylmandelic acid, which, when it reacts to oxygen, produces synthetic vanillin, the main ingredient in imitation vanilla