Ameer it recently started going to a gym exercise We all nodded in agreement at the idea of a picnic in the country side
The student started cheering when their favourite teacher walked in Where did they go after they were arrested? Will you be over soon? B: A famous writer lives next door to Saad

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I can tell from his Occent that he is a foreigner.

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They went to police station
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To get to my house, take the second turning on Hail Street• We experience some bad weather during our flight yesterday
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Where do you usually hang out with your friends? Complete the sentences with the correct verb:• Three old buildings collapsed during the earthquake
I usually play baseball but today I have to finish a project Peter is not the kind of person who plans things out
B: I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday Omar: InstantTec Service, how can I help you? Are there any special wedding customs in your country? You always know where you stand with him

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This book combines both poetry and photography.

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Bob is thinking of applying for the job of sales assistant at the local shoe shop
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The boys buried a box with toys in the garden
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I am spending the evening at home we have guests tonight