If used on its own it does not mean anything For example: "The boy whose hair is long came"
" The words whose and that are relative pronouns When should the relative pronoun not be written? In the above examples this second part is coloured in blue

الأسماء الموصولة

gods by the idol worshippers.

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The resumptive pronoun is not used much in English 6
الأسماء الموصولة كاملة
The underlined words after these words relate back to the word before the relative pronoun
مَبادِئُ نَحْوِيَّة: الأسْماءُ المَوْصولَةُ (1/ 2)
The Sela sentence can be a Verbial sentence or a Nominative one
For interest: In English words such as that , who , whom , whose , or which are called relative pronouns The word that connects the clause to the word they are relating to is the relative pronoun
The resumptive pronoun " they" refers back to the relative pronoun " that" In such cases the relative pronoun is not allowed between the described noun and the describing sentence

الاسماء الموصولة في جمل مفيدة

This pronoun or reference must agree with the Mawsool noun it refers to in everything.

شرح درس الاسماء الموصولة
This new type is known in English as Relative Pronouns
اسماء الاشارة و الاسماء الموصولة
And of them are those that move on their bellies, and of them are those that walk on two legs Quran 24:45• A relative noun is a noun referring to a definite thing by a sentence that follows it
الأسماء الموصولة كاملة
Relative pronouns in Arabic behave in a similar fashion
"The sandwich that I ate was delicious The Sela sentence must always have a pronoun that relates it to the Mawsool noun
In example 3, if the non-intelligent being is placed in the place of an intelligent being The words hair is long describe "the boy" and in the second example the words I ate describe the "the sandwich"

شرح درس الاسماء الموصولة

However, in Arabic, they are nouns, not pronouns.

درس الأسماء الموصولة
Today we continue learning about another type of definite nouns
قصة قصيرة عن الاسماء الموصولة
The red word " that" is the relative pronoun, and the blue word " they" is the resumptive pronoun, the underlined text is the Relative Clause
Definite Nouns:(5) Relative Nouns الأسماء الموصولة
Note in English these words are classed as pronouns but are nouns in Arabic