FOLLOW US ON TO SEE THE FULL SERIES• The G-Matrix design pattern inspired by illuminated diamonds can be spotted throughout
Step out of the driver seat and let your GV80 park for you—literally Meet the first-ever SUV from Genesis, pushing the limits of style and performance with a full suite of intuitive technology, all-road capability, luxurious comfort for all passengers, and a design that stops you in your tracks


THE GV80 ARTIST SERIES We asked 8 rule-breaking, up-and-coming artists: what does it mean to be Boundless by Design? Step out of the driver seat and let your GV80 park for you—literally.

جينيسيس GV80 2021 أول SUV فاخرة من جينسس(سعر ومواصفات وصور)
9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row
هيونداي جينيسيس 2021 GV80 سيارة الكروس اوفر الفارهة
AVAILABLE QUILTED NAPPA LEATHER SEATS In this available feature, each seating surface is adorned with full-grain soft Nappa leather, quilted with our signature G-Matrix pattern stitching
هيونداي جينيسيس 2021 GV80 سيارة الكروس اوفر الفارهة
The exterior exudes athletic elegance while delivering a punctuating presence
The first-ever Genesis SUV is designed with a low profile, a wide dominant stance, and offers an abundant 33 The full LED quad headlights shine like diamonds as two bands of light continue around the sides of the vehicle to create a wrap-around effect, visually extending to the tail lamps
AVAILABLE POWER SECOND ROW Give your second row first-class ratings with power seat recline, slide, cushion tilt, and folding functions available The LCD display provides a crystal-clear image of gauges along with the location of surrounding cars

جينيسيس تطلق GV80، أول SUV فاخرة لها في منطقة الشر...

An interior so luxurious, you have to feel it to believe it.

هيونداي جينيسيس 2021 GV80 سيارة الكروس اوفر الفارهة
Explore the gallery and let your imagination wander
جينيسيس GV80 2021 صور ومواصفات وسعر
Our GV80 Artist Series is the answer
سعر جينيسيس GV80 2021 الجديدة كلياً ينتشر على الانترنت وفقاً لتقارير صحفية
The 2021 GV80 rapidly meets and maintains the ideal temperature, reaching every passenger with available 3-zone climate control—not to mention ventilated and heated seats available in the front and rear