The Military Factor in Pakistan Rank and file Ikhwan fighters formed units in a new military institution, initially the White Army, eventually the National Guard
Rifles are engraved honoring Colonel Sultan Mohammad Ali Al Ketbi General-purpose machine gun HK23E variant

عقوبة فقدان السلاح العسكري السعودي

Dresch, Paul A History of Modern Yemen.

القوات المسلحة الإماراتية
The Patrias are used in Yemen in combat operations
(خبر قديم)
عقوبة فقدان السلاح العسكري السعودي
International Journal Middle East Studies
30,000 rifles Light machine gun Standard light machine gun of the United Arab Emirates Army Definitions of words and phrases mentioned in the Law
Reconnaissance vehicle 76 Armoured personnel carrier 11 40 The United Arab Emirates Army ordered an initial evaluation batch of 15 vehicles A History of Saudi Arabia

القانون العام

Kapoor, Talal 8 June 2012.

عقوبة فقدان السلاح العسكري السعودي
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(خبر قديم)
The order comprises 16 NBC reconnaissance vehicles, eight bio vehicles and eight command post vehicles, which will provide the UAE with a complete NBC detection capability linked to a command-and-control system
القوات العسكرية السعودية