Collectibility [ ] Although few mourned the end of the E-body models, the passage of time has created legends and highlighted the unique personalities of both the Challenger and the Barracuda The engine was repositioned to improve the driveline angle and weight distribution
At this point, it is entirely self-funded and are greatly appreciated! The SRT Demon also uses lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, pistons, calipers, and brake rotors The interior was identical to other Challengers

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In addition, the 2009 had a "limited slip" differential that was not offered on the 2008 model.

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Variable displacement performance steering pump standard on 6 speed• You have the power to bring concerns to the moderators attention by using the report button or sending modmail
The 1971 models had a "split" grille, while 1972 introduced a design that extended the grille nicknamed the "sad-mouth" beneath the front bumper
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4 L V8, six-piston front Brembo brakes with two-piece 15 Starting with the 2012 model year, the SE was replaced in the U

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As with Chevrolet's new Camaro, the Challenger 's body was replaced with a fixed "B" pillar, hidden behind the side glass to give an illusion of the hardtop.

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2 seconds; this was accomplished with street legal drag tires
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9 L version offering 245 hp 183 kW , but the pony car market had fallen off and production of Challengers ceased in late April 1974
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Both cars used a spec Howe road racing tube chassis with fiberglass bodies