Staff were very friendly especially the restaurant manager Mohamed, and Khaled who have came to our table several times to check on the food and if we needed any thing net King Abdulaziz, As Sulayyil 18324, Saudi Arabia Cafe
Biryani was good but grill was just OK I took the Lamb Mandi and it was the most mouth watering lamb I've ever had! The authentic Saudi tomato and chili sauce gave the rice a special kick

شيخ المندي, Madinah (+966 53 684 7648)

Saudi Arabia is now closed because of Corona,,.

Fakher Yanbu 3 Furnished Units. ينبع, السعودية
If you are visiting Ottawa or live there you should try this cuisine
Fakher Yanbu 3 Furnished Units. ينبع, السعودية
Portion size for a single meal is actually enough for someone who has been on an empty stomach for a day
افضل مطعم مندي بالرياض (الأسعار + المنيو + الموقع )
Flag as inappropriate Ordered out during my trip to Ottawa and this was absolutely delicious
Translated by Google It is a great COVID-19 Updates In Saudi Arabia 03-04-2020
Will definitely be going again to try other dishes off their menu

منيو حضرموت شيخ المندى، العجوزة، القاهرة، مصر


مطعم ركن المندي في ينبع ( المنيو
The food is tasty and delicious, tender and juicy lamp which falls apart
فلورا بارك 2 للاجنحه الفندقية. ينبع, السعودية
منيو مطعم حضرموت شيخ المندي
6 Siliconunions - About Facebook m The place is highly recommended
Agreed that service can be slightly improved in terms of being more engaged and friendly, otherwise I highly recommend! The internal decor is so amazing and they take extra care about the cleanliness and hygiene

مطعم ركن المندي في ينبع ( المنيو


مطعم المحيط ~~ ينبع الصناعية ~~
افضل مطعم مندي بالرياض (الأسعار + المنيو + الموقع )
شيخ المندي, Phone +966 56 200 8003