"Optical Precursor of a Single Photon" The Original Usenet Physics FAQ
University of York Science Education Group 2001 "Appearance of relativistically expanding radio sources"

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Wave Propagation and Group Velocity.

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But we now know that a tachyon indicates an instability in a theory that contains it
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"Measurement of the spatiotemporal electric field of ultrashort superluminal Bessel-X pulses"
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; von der Linde, D
Regrettably for , tachyons are not real physical particles that appear in nature "Tunneling of a Wave Packet"

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"Tunneling time, the Hartman effect, and superluminality: A proposed resolution of an old paradox".

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"Super-luminal expansion in extragalactic radio sources"
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Randall, Lisa; Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions, p
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"Perturbative superluminal censorship and the null energy condition"
"The neutrino as a tachyon" Relativity:the special and the general theory
"Reduced total energy requirements for a modified Alcubierre warp drive spacetime" "Parity Violation and Neutrino Mass"

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"Nuclear Null Tests for Spacelike Neutrinos".

كم تبلغ سرعة الضوء ؟ ولماذا الضوء هو اسرع شيء في الكون ؟
Salter Horners Advanced Physics A2 Student Book
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"Origin of the Hartman effect"
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"Null experiments for neutrino masses"