Sport Matters: Sociological Studies of Sport, Violence and Civilisation "Procedures to determine the winner of a match or home-and-away"
Summers, Chris 2 September 2004 "Scottish Journal of Political Economy"

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Embassy of the United States in London.

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Collett, Mike 2 July 2004
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"Law 3 — The Number of Players"
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Catastrophic Injuries in High School and College Sports
Ingle, Sean; Glendenning, Barry 9 October 2003 See Hill, Blake and Clark 1998 ; Schuster 1998
Hughes, Ian 31 March 2008 The number of competing teams has varied over the history of the competition

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In Eric Dunning, Joseph A.

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Mazumdar, Partha 5 June 2006
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Alexander, Shelley 3 June 2005
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Winner, David 28 March 2005
Scottish Journal of Political Economy Stormer, Neil 20 June 2006
It has been estimated that there were 22 million soccer players in the world in the early 1980s, and that number is increasing Under the system used in Argentina and most of Latin America, two season titles are awarded each year — the Apertura and Clausura

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Mueller, Frederick; Cantu, Robert; Van Camp, Steven 1996.

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Illustrated History Of Football Reed International Books Limited 1996
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Dart, James; Bandini, Paolo 21 February 2007
لاعب وسط (كرة القدم)