A1-1923 Aquapanel Maxi SN39 needlepoint screws have been specially developed for fixing Aquapanel Cement Board on to timber and metal frameworks of differing thicknesses Aquapanel Maxi Screws SN39 can be used for both wall and ceiling applications in interior and exterior applications
PermaBase resists the growth of mold and mildew achieving a panel score of 10, the highest score possible, per ASTM D 3273 The fixings and joints between the panels should allow imposed movement

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Does not build up static charges.

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The board has smooth grey surface and is available in two basic finishes unsanded suitable for many decorative finishes and calibrated sanded on both sides
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The boards need to be stored flat and if stored outside they need to be protected from the weather
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Warranted for interior and exterior applications• Sanding can be done by using a vibrating sanding machine or belt sanding machine
Easy to handle, install and decorate,• As an external cladding material single skin and sandwich application ,• It can be used internally and externally and gives a high strength, water, impact and temperature resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself Double-wrapped edge with EdgeTech technology allows for closer fastener application of nails or screws at the edge without crumbling or spin out
It is recommended that a vacuum dust extractor is used in confined spaces Offers a level of acoustic insulation,• In residential and public buildings,• Alkali resistant adhesives should be used to bond the boards onto the designated surface

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Highly moisture and fire resistant,• The textured side is ideal for mortar applications, as it enhances bonding and reduces tile slip.

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The board should be supported on all edges with support centres up to 400mm
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It is recommended that the boards are arranged in a brick bond manner
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A1-2216 Everbuild D4 Wood Adhesive 1L is a solvent free industrial grade waterproof D4 wood adhesive based on the latest hybrid resin technology