The system includes addressing all cities, governorates, centers, villages and the desertification of the Kingdom, by using the latest technologies in the field of geographic information systems, where sites and residential and commercial buildings can be inferred In order to keep pace with the strategic development of the e-government, and to complete the necessary infrastructure for e-government transactions
The project aims to move from the descriptive address to the digital address, with the aim of facilitating inference of sites through standardized addresses for all regions and cities, as it is easy to deal with and inferred Where it was approved by the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality after it formed a special committee to prepare the technical regulations for this standard that included government agencies represented in: the National Information Center in the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Higher Education represented by King Abdulaziz University, and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs represented by the Holy Capital Municipality In addition to the participation of two entities from the private sector, as well as representatives from the authority and the Saudi Post Corporation, with the aim of building a unified national numbering for addressing represented in meeting national needs to achieve sustainable development, and contribute to building and developing e-government as well as e-commerce applications

كيف اسوي عنوان وطني من الجوال 1443

The Council of Ministers approved Resolution No.

رابط انشاء عنوان وطني جديد 1442
It is worth noting that the Kingdom now has a seat in the International Addressing Committee of the Universal Postal Union
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Achievements The national address was appreciated by the United Nations and international organizations, as it was considered a model for building an infrastructure for advanced smart addresses
رابط انشاء عنوان وطني جديد 1442
The project is one of the most important strategic civilization projects that have been implemented for the first time in the Arab Gulf region and the Arab world, and has also received international accreditation from the Universal Postal Union UPU and others, as the project reflects the government's rational approach towards keeping pace with the latest global developments in the field of communication and information technology
The Saudi Postal Corporation, with the support of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, launched the unified national address, and it was approved by the Council of Ministers by Resolution No And it has been approved by specialized local and international bodies
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered among the 17 countries in the world that have been able to implement international standards, and the addressing experts in the world considered it among the best and most advanced international systems

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read more Universal Postal Union UPU Certificate of International Standard for Addressing S42 At the Second International Addressing Summit held by the Universal Postal Union in Bern, the national address was awarded the International Standard for Addressing Certificate S42.

رابط انشاء عنوان وطني جديد 1442
To reach all citizens, residents and businesses
الاستعلام عن العنوان الوطني
كيف اسوي عنوان وطني من الجوال 1443