I got excited to get that device for my use at home Also, five young athletes have recovered from various twists, bruises, and growing pains after 1 to 3 days on the TerraQuant
Additionally, a parent is finally feeling relief from spinal fusion surgery using the TeraQuant for half a cycle I have used the TerraQuant device to successfully treat soft tissue injuries and other musculo-skeletal inflammatory disorders e

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Such effects are antioxidant, immunomodulation, hematostimulation, and also influence on metabolism by high-molecular proteins, porfirins and phospholipids etc.

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Tom Barbeau Alpine Director for the Waterville Valley Ski Academy, 3-Time Olympic Coach, Ex-professional football player
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As a result, injuries have been essentially nonexistent
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Once I got up, I was able to walk without any pain As a result of this work, significant results were achieved: athletes, who were trained at the Center locations under our medical control, renewed more than 20 national and European records
The TerraQuant has been a God-sent for both me and my athletes It combines the power of three modalities to treat the conditions and yet at the same time its use remains easy enough for patients to use with excellent instructions

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methods, used for body homeostasis correction; formation of processes of tiredness and recovery in order to achieve maximum effect from the training and adequate pre-start preparation.

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Positive effect of MIL therapy was discovered in treatment of serious metabolic diseases, asthma, diabetes
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— I have been suffering with severe pain in my legs for years and nothing seemed to help
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Maybe because of age or lack of care, but a knee ligament injury became chronic