The presence of and , , , and in the leaf extract could have contributed towards the diverse range of the medicinal activities A mature tree may be capable of producing up to 175 kg 386 lb of fruit per year
While in the same taxonomic family , is a different plant native to Mexico and known locally as Due to its density and interlocked grain, tamarind is considered difficult to work

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Folk medicine [ ] Throughout Southeast Asia, the fruit of the tamarind is used as a applied to foreheads of fever sufferers.

The tamarind tree produces brown, pod-like that contain a sweet, tangy pulp, which is used in cuisines around the world
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Tamarind flowers In the United States, it is a large-scale crop introduced for commercial use second in net production quantity only to India , mainly in southern states, notably south Florida, and as a shade tree, along roadsides, in dooryards and in parks
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Tamarind consists of hard, dark red and softer, yellowish
A previous study reported that the seed, leaf, leaf veins, fruit pulp and skin extracts of tamarind possessed high phenolic content and antioxidant activities Thailand has the largest plantations of the nations, followed by Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines
In Sueli Rodrigues; Ebenezer de Oliveira Silva; Edy Sousa de Brito eds Its sapwood is not durable and is prone to attack by insects and fungi as well as

عروض خاصة من اسواق بن داود الخميس 15 جماد الاخر 1442 هـ اقوي العروض لمدة 3 ايام

; Hartl, Anna; Putscher, Johanna; Prehsler, Sarah; Buchmann, Christine; Vogl, Christian R.

عروض خاصة من اسواق بن داود الخميس 15 جماد الاخر 1442 هـ اقوي العروض لمدة 3 ايام
The leaflets are bright green, elliptic-ovular, veined, and less than 5 cm 2 in in length
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Tamarind's tender young leaves are used in and
عروض خاصة من اسواق بن داود الخميس 15 جماد الاخر 1442 هـ اقوي العروض لمدة 3 ايام
Origin [ ] Tamarindus indica is probably to tropical Africa, but has been cultivated for so long on the Indian subcontinent that it is sometimes reported to be indigenous there
Woodworking [ ] Tamarind lumber is used to make furniture, carvings, turned objects such as , chopping blocks, and other small specialty wood items In Indonesia and throughout another , it is called asam jawa tamarind or simply asam, and sukaer in
The fruit exhibits effects due to its high quantities of , , and Its use for the relief of has been documented throughout the world

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Because tamarind has multiple uses, it is cultivated around the world in and.

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Tamarind contains , a weak acid that can remove the coat of copper carbonate
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Media related to at Wikimedia Commons• Heartwood is said to be durable to very durable in decay resistance, and is also resistant to insects
طريقة عمل عصير تمر هندي في البيت
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research