" Najjar was questioned about expressing his support for armed groups Background [ ] According to , Najjar was convicted on the basis of his Facebook posts written before he moved to the UAE and criticism on phone calls with his wife
[ ] His fine was pardoned Reportedly, his critical conversations with his wife over the telephone were cited by the trial judgment without disclosing how the UAE authorities obtained records of the calls

من هو الصحفي الأردني تيسير النجار وسبب وفاته

On 12 February 2019, Najjar was released from prison and returned to his home country,.

تيسير النجار
Tayseer's sentence was extended six more months because he was unable to pay the fine
تيسير النجار
مات تيسير النجار وبقيت كلماته عن سنوات القهر في سجون
Najjar wrote on Facebook: "Message to some journalists and writers who do not like the Gazan resistance, there is no two rights in one case, but the right one is the Gazan resistance and all else is bad — such as Israel, the UAE, [Egyptian President Abdel Fattah] el-Sisi and other regimes that are no longer ashamed of shame itself
Death [ ] He died on 19 February 2021 in , due to a pre-existing heart condition He was sentenced under Article 29 of the United Arab Emirates cyber crime law, by posting comments on the social network expressing support to armed groups in Gaza and criticising the UAE's support of Egypt's decision to destroy in the
Human Rights Watch stated that Najjar's rights to due process and a fair trial were violated by the UAE authorities by not allowing him to access a lawyer including during interrogations, for more than a year

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وفاة الصحافي الاردني تيسير النجار بعد وعكة صحية مفاجئة
تيسير النجار
Tayseer Najjar